Workplace Health Promotion


 Workplace health promotion (BGF) is a modern corporate strategy with the aim of preventing illnesses in the workplace, strengthening health and improving the well-being of people at their workplace and maintaining it in the long term.

This is based on the fact that the economic performance of companies depends to a large extent on qualified, motivated and healthy employees

Only those who feel comfortable at their workplace can also make a significant contribution to the productivity of the company. 

On the other hand, people's health is strongly influenced by the conditions and stresses of their working environment.

Fair health opportunities in the company

Ideally, BGF projects are aimed at all employees. The shyness of alleged preference for a certain group or fear of stigmatization often lead to a WHP based on the watering can principle. 

Usually, however, offers are less accepted by those who would particularly need them. WHP, which aims at health equity, supports equitable and fair access to resources for health

In addition to socioeconomic status - education, income, professional position - other factors also play a role in health equity, e.g special work constellations or life situations. 

This may mean that not all people in the company have the same opportunities to develop and maintain health.

The variety and variety of workforces in companies requires tailor-made offers in the WHP that are resource-oriented and designed to meet needs. 

Workplace health promotion should be aimed specifically at certain parts of the workforce or groups of employees so that the measures reach those areas where they are particularly needed.

 The target groups can be e.g older employees ,apprentices, people with different levels of education or fields of activity or people with a migration background.

  • Determining specific target groups and focal points is of central importance for an efficient and effective WHP.
  • A target group-oriented, thematically focused perspective instead of a supply-oriented orientation contributes more to equal opportunities.
  • However, certain measures can and should certainly appeal to all employees.

Prerequisites for workplace health promotion

Workplace health promotion is a matter for the boss. A project can only be successful if it is seen as an important task by the company management and becomes part of the corporate culture. At the same time, the company must be willing to innovate with regard to the new or redesign of structures and organizational processes. Ultimately, it is also about a positive company culture and not just about short-term, selective measures.

The initiative for a WHP project must not come from outside, but must come from the company itself. The project management must also happen in the company.

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