How To Cook Buy Shrooms Online - The Basics Of Skill


Mushrooms have a huge number of admirers, but no less of those who cannot stand dishes that include this fragrant ingredient. This is exactly the case when the opinion is spoiled by unsuccessful preparation. After all, the taste and texture of mushroom dishes, indeed, may not leave the best impression. We will teach you how to cook Buy Shrooms Online to delight even the most notorious skeptics.

How much to cook Buy Shrooms Online :

In the autumn season, those who are fond of "quiet hunting" - collect the gifts of the forest, are forced to figure out how to prepare the collected mushrooms for the winter. Someone prefers to preserve, but again, not everyone likes pickled or salted mushrooms, considering their taste to be too specific. The best option is freezing. You need to pre-prepare them in order to get them out of the freezer in the winter and cook the most aromatic dishes.

For harvesting by deep freezing, all mushrooms, without exception, are suitable: porcini, chanterelles, boletus, boletus, honey mushrooms. The main rule is that they must be fresh, clean and not wormy. Cleaned from the ground, washed and dried on towels, the mushrooms should be dipped in boiling water for 3 minutes (no more!), Pulled out with a slotted spoon, cooled, packaged in vessels and bags, sent to the freezer. The main correct answer to the question “how to cook mushrooms” is not for long. After all, if you delay this process, they will turn into a slippery unappetizing mess.

Properly prepared forest Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms will become the basis for delicious dishes - mushroom caviar, soups, julienne. We offer an unusual recipe for everyone's favorite dish.

How to fry mushrooms :

Fried mushrooms are very tasty, they can be used in the preparation of various dishes. But due to the fact that the raw product contains a lot of liquid that is released when heated, the mushrooms are not fried and golden, but rather stewed. How to fry mushrooms to achieve the desired result?

Main rules:

  1. Mushrooms should be washed as quickly as possible, as they absorb moisture. No need to fill them with water in a bowl, etc. It is enough to rinse under running water, removing dirt with a knife.
  2. Spread clean Magic Mushrooms Edibles on a paper or linen towel to get rid of moisture.
  3. The pan should not be warm, but as hot as possible, red-hot!
  4. Start frying chopped mushrooms in a dry frying pan without adding oil. After 2-3 minutes, add a sufficient amount of butter. Roast for 10 more minutes.
  5. You need to salt the dish at the end, when the moisture has already evaporated.
  6. If you want to add onion, it is best to do it towards the end of cooking, otherwise it will be boiled.

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