Healthy food : julienne with mushrooms and chicken


Healthy eating obliges a person to turn on fantasy. So, if a person decides to eat right, but does not come up with some interesting dishes, after a month of buckwheat and banal boiled chicken on the table, the whole attempt to get on the right path and lose weight (or put health in order) will abruptly end with a strong desire for something harmful and high-calorie. And there will be a breakdown. Of course, removing the last of these breakdowns is not an easy task. 

Experts say that in order to prevent food breakdowns, the menu should be tasty and varied. After all, no matter what anyone says, food is not just a “refueling” for the body, but also a way to enjoy the tastes, as well as chat with friends. One of these varieties can be julienne with mushrooms and chicken. 

Mushrooms, which are the basis of julienne, are a hearty and tasty product. For their nutritional abilities, they are often called "forest meat". They do not contain poison, they taste good and go well with other products. The main advantage of champignons is their high protein content (and there is more of it than in eggs).

In addition, they contain essential amino acids for the human body, such as biotin, linoleic and panthenolic acid, phosphorus. These mushrooms are also rich in B vitamins. It is also worth noting that the calorie content of champignons is 27 calories per 100 grams, so nutritionists strongly advise including them in the diet for those who want to lose weight and those who simply maintain weight. 

Due to the content of chitin in champignons, which is not actually absorbed by the body, champignons should not be consumed by children. 

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